• The only cooperative preschool in the Frederick area
  • Small classes with a 2, 3, and 5-day option
  • Curricula merges Waldorf, Montessori, and Spirit Play and encourages respect, equity, justice, and compassion
  • Miss Sue’s curriculum and her attention to individual emotions and development
  • Convenient schedules and honest value
  • Recipient of Greenest Classroom Award, the PeaceCrafters Award, and the Frederick County Waste Reduction and Recycling Award
  • Organic snacks and allergy-conscious classroom
  • “Green” practices and environmental stewardship including: chemical-free cleaning products, toys and materials made from renewable or recycled materials, mostly wood furniture with low-VOC finish, recycling, and composting
  • Outdoor play every day
  • Beautiful rural setting in Frederick

What is a cooperative preschool?

A cooperative preschool, or co-op, allows parents to play a large role in their child’s education by encouraging them to be actively involved in the classroom and the operation of the school.

As participants in a co-op, parents are asked to:

  • Volunteer in their child’s class as the aide 1-2 times a month
  • Bring the school snack on the days they assist
  • Assist with fundraising and marketing events
  • Participate in monthly parent council meetings to discuss the running of the school

Participating in a cooperative community allows parents to have an active, meaningful role in their child’s preschool experience and to have a voice in the curriculum, classroom policies, and activities of the school.

Parents are encouraged to participate in class activities as much as desired and are allowed to stay in class to help ease their child’s transition into the school year.