What is a typical preschool morning?

  • Free play and welcome to school
  • Opening lesson, large group: Stories, games, lessons
  • Free Play: Centers, art, small group activities
  • Mini-Lesson, large group: calendar, sharing, story lessons
  • Snack Time
  • Outdoor Play
  • Dismissal

What is the Circle of Life Preschool Curriculum?

Disclaimer: This curriculum is subject to change without notice based on the needs and interests of students and availability of materials.

September: Getting to know one another, beginning Fire Safety

October: Letters: A, B, C, D

Finish Fire Safety Unit, Introduce Classroom Helpers, Night Time and Nocturnal Animals

November: Letters: E, F, G, H

Restaurants, Food Groups, Sharing

December: Letters: I, J, K, L

Winter Holidays, Giving Gifts

January: Letters: M, N, O, P

Weather and the Water Cycle, Planting Seeds, Begin Word Chunk Phonics

February: Letters: Q, R, S, T

Our Healthy Bodies, Yoga

March: Letters: U, V, W, X

Spring Changes, Eggs and Who Lays Them

April: Letters: Y, Z

Complete Spring Changes, Begin Teacher for A Day

May: Complete Teacher for a Day Unit, Planning End of the Year Party

Math concepts are introduced and integrated throughout the year. These are counting 1-30, pattern play, greater than/less than, matching, adding, subtracting, and graphing. These concepts will be introduced through story, games, and playtime and will plant the seeds for further study in Kindergarten and up.

Weekly homework packets begin going home in October and continue through the end of the year. These are entirely optional and are meant to reinforce letters, math skills, and fine motor skills and fun. If your child is not interested, hold onto the packets until he or she expresses interest. There are many ways to learn, and this is only one.

What is the class schedule?                                                     

All classes run from 9:00am – 12:00pm:

  • 2-Day Program: Thursday and Friday
  • 3-Day Program: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • 5-Day Program: Monday through Friday

CLC’s schedule intentionally differs from most other preschool schedules as consecutive school days offer repetition and continuity. This continuity helps children feel secure and in control of their school experience. Children are better able to master and retain a weekly unit, and to remember and carry over what they have learned!